Experience the Power of Conga Composer

Document Generation

Create customized documents, such as contracts, proposals, invoices, and reports, by merging data from Salesforce or other data sources into pre-defined templates.​

Document Delivery:

Automate the distribution of generated documents to stakeholders through email, secure portals, or cloud storage platforms, optimizing efficiency and ensuring timely delivery of critical information.

Bulk Processing

Generate multiple documents in bulk to save time and increase efficiency, especially useful for mass mailings, customer communications, or reporting.

Reliable Templates

Build dynamic templates with conditional logic and merge fields to generate personalized documents tailored to individual recipients or specific scenarios.

Reporting and Analytics

Gain insights into document generation activities, track document status, and analyze performance metrics to optimize processes and improve decision-making.

Automated Workflows

Design and automate document generation workflows to trigger the creation of documents based on specific events or criteria within your business processes.​

E-Signature Integration

Seamlessly integrate with e-signature solutions like DocuSign or Adobe Sign to automate the signature process and streamline document approvals.

Integration with Salesforce

Utilize Conga Composer's native integration with Salesforce to access and merge data directly from Salesforce records, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in document generation.

Compliance and Security

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and maintain data security by controlling access to sensitive information and tracking document version history.

Rise to the top

Increase Sales

Trust Odyssey Implementation Services to accelerate your document generation process with Conga Composer. Our unique solutions merge data from Salesforce or other sources into pre-defined templates,  manual document creation, save time and reduce errors. We also leverage automated workflows and batch processing to reduce repetitive tasks and declutter your contract generation process. Our solutions for Conga Composer help businesses  focus on the more strategic operations while ensuring consistent, accurate, and timely documents.

Check out our FAQs for our most asked questions

Conga Composer is a document generation and automation tool designed to streamline and simplify the creation of documents, presentations, and reports directly within Salesforce. It allows users to merge Salesforce data into pre-defined templates to generate customized documents such as proposals, quotes, invoices, and contracts. Conga Composer automates the document generation process, saving time and reducing manual effort, while also ensuring accuracy and consistency in document output.

The duration of a Conga Composer implementation can vary based on several factors, including the complexity of your requirements, the number of templates to be created, the extent of customization needed, and the availability of resources. Typically, implementations can range from a few weeks to a couple of months. It’s important to work closely with your implementation team to define clear objectives, prioritize tasks, and establish a timeline that aligns with your business needs and goals.

Your team can leverage various Conga Composer tools to streamline document generation and automation processes. Composer Templates allow you to create customized document templates using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or HTML formats to merge with Salesforce data. Conga Queries enable the generation of dynamic data sets by querying Salesforce objects and fields to populate documents with up-to-date information. Conga Queries Plus enhances querying capabilities with advanced features such as subqueries, cross-object filters, and complex conditions. Additionally, explore additional solutions offered by Conga, such as Conga Contracts for contract lifecycle management or Conga Sign for eSignature integration, to extend functionality and meet specific business requirements.

we prioritize comprehensive training and knowledge transfer to ensure your team maximizes the platform’s potential. Our approach involves tailored training sessions covering key features, workflows, and best practices. We offer hands-on workshops, interactive demos, and customized documentation. Additionally, we provide ongoing support to address any questions or challenges post-implementation, ensuring a smooth transition and empowering your team for long-term success.

Yes, you can still use Conga Composer even if you have many disparate systems. Conga Composer is designed to integrate seamlessly with Salesforce and can pull data from various sources, including external systems, databases, and applications. By leveraging Conga’s integration capabilities and flexible data retrieval options, you can merge data from disparate systems into your document templates, allowing you to create customized documents with accurate and up-to-date information. Whether your data resides within Salesforce or across multiple systems, Conga Composer can help streamline your document generation process and ensure consistency in your output